Lewis Structure of Al2O3, Aluminum Oxide

Aluminium oxide is a solid ionic compound, made from atoms of one metal (Aluminum) that have lost three electrons each to become +3 cations, and atoms of a non-metal (oxygen) which have gained two electrons each to become -2 anions.

The numbers 3 and 2 have a lowest common multiple of 6. This means you need TWO aluminum atoms (giving away 2x3=6 electrons total) and THREE oxygen atoms (accepting 3x2=6 electrons total).

Because the electrons are LOST by the metal, and GAINED by the non-metal, there has been a transfer of electrons and this makes it an ionic compound by definition.

Here, two Aluminum atoms are giving away 3 electrons each, and three oxygen atoms are accepting two electrons each.

You can watch this Lewis Structure get drawn below.

I created a video for this post! You're welcome !

Originally published on December 28, 2021 by ChemistNate